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Sasquatch 2014 Artist Spotlight focuses on small and mid level artists who will be playing at Sasquatch 2014

Sasquatch 2014 Artist Spotlight: Austra

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Like many, when Austra released its hotly anticipated sophomore album Olympia in June, I was quick to get it on my album rotation. All I remember then is that I listened to the album maybe 4-5 times in the background at work. I kind of picked out certain tunes and melodies that sounded fun or catchy but the album honestly didn’t make an impression on me then. It was good background music at best, and reading the subsequent reviews from some, it sounds like I was not alone in being initially unimpressed by Austra‘s attempt at going from an electronica darling to an actual marketable live touring  band.

Boy, I was wrong. As I prepared to write my next post, I wanted to give a few artists a chance that I hadn’t spun for a while. I popped on Olympia in my living room one morning while I was unloading the dishwasher and found myself 2 minutes later dancing in my socks and singing half the words. Something about this record made and impression on my subconscious, and I’m honestly thankful now that it did. From that moment on, this album has recaptured me so that I now see it for the beautiful work that it truly is. Some were disappointed with the overall pace and sound as compared to 2011’s fantastic breakout record Feel It Break but to me this is just another example of an artist evolving. Like with so many artists that make revolutionary, genre defying music that takes a few listens to warm to because it sounds different than the expected, Olympia has truly captivated me now. So much so, in fact, that I have been trotting it out much more than I normally would preparing for an album review, and this is just a concert preview! So much so that I finally had to put my Spotify on private session at the start of the day so that it wasn’t immensely obvious to anyone happening to see my updates in their news feed that it was basically the only album I had listened to for the better part of a couple days.

The album is full of sleepers and a few stunners, the clearest in my opinion, Painful Like, feels like it is going to be a Simian Mobile Disco song but ends up floating down some dreamt up beach avenue in an alternate Miami that breeds lispy wavering swooning with grammar and diction just shaky enough to become totally endearing. This terribly gutteral and shuddering yet beautiful voicebox lays on top of electronic beats that sound passingly familiar yet build and transform in such an epic way that each song kind of passes the torch to the next. Her orchestration often crescendos in an anthemic drop such that songs like “Sleep” and “What We Done?” that end up evoking memories of James Murphy perfecting the ability to captivate through three minutes of shoulder dancing and snapping of fingers finally rewarding  the listener with two minutes of pure electronic bliss.

Make no Mistake, I am not declaring the Toronto based quartet led by Katie Stelmanis to be the next LCD by any means. However, considering the fact that this album was made to bring Austra into the fold as a legit live act, and based on recent reviews acclaiming the group’s on stage dynamic and ability to keep the crowd moving, expect quite the performance from this Toronto based  electronic shape-shifter at Sasquatch 2014. Fans of LCD Soundsystem, Grimes, Polica, and Chromatics will have a hard time frowning at this show. Let’s hope the after dark sound crews on the Honda Stage are up to the task this year, as this is almost surely where we’ll see this fantastic act.

I recommend checking out the following songs in addition to those mentioned in the article:

  1. Austra – Identity
  2. Austra – What We Done?
  3. Austra – Home
  4. Austra – Shoot The Water

Austra plays in the May version of Sasquatch 2014

2014- Nick Garras, Suffrin Succotash

For the songs in this article and more, follow the Suffrin’ Succotash Sasquatch 2014  Artist Spotlight Playlist here on Spotify

Sasquatch 2014 Artist Spotlight: Panda Bear

For the songs in this article and more, follow the Suffrin’ Succotash Sasquatch 2014  Artist Spotlight Playlist here on Spotify

Panda Bear Noah Lennox
Panda Bear Noah Lennox – Photo: Alexandre Hervaud

Noah Lennox is one half (technically one quarter) of famed Electro-Psych-Weirdo-Folk god duo (technically quartet), Animal Collective. A casual Animal Collective fan might not be aware that Lennox , or Panda Bear as he calls himself is actually a pretty fantastic solo artist in his own right.  In fact, I have to say that even the slew of big name artists like Outkast, M.I.A., Queens of The Stone Age and Major Lazer that I am direly awaiting to see for the first time in a years (or ever!) can not prevent me from being all out giddy to catch Panda Bear who is sure to be toting some new material as per his recent announcement…

Beyond the countless albums made by Lennox and his counterpart Avey Tare, and the three released Albums Panda Bear has to its credit, Lennox  has done a few great collaborations as well. One being 2009’s Walkabout for Bradford Cox’s (Deerhunter) side project Atlas Sound  and most recently (and notably) appearing  in Daft Punk’sDoin’ it Right” from 2013’s Grammy winning Random Access Memories. In every opportunity there is his trademark sound; upfront and clear, sonically pure but always sounding as if it had been sung from a dark chamber far below ground and was filtered up through the ventilation system to the recording studio. As great of a dimension as his trademark vocals add to his multi-layered and beautiful songs, one must also recognize his amazing ability to blend melodies and rhythms that should not be anywhere near the same song with an almost magical ease.

Both of Panda Bear’s more recent albums Tomboy
and Person Pitch are much more accessible than your average Animal Collective record and worth a front to back listen (and a vinyl purchase in my opinion). Because of Panda Bear’s sparse touring history, this show promises to be one of the most memorable of Sasquatch 2014. If you are looking for a quick intro, check out:

  1. Panda Bear – Take Pills
  2. Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica
  3. Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty
  4. Panda Bear – You Can Count On Me

Panda Bear plays in the May version of Sasquatch 2014

2014- Nick Garras, Suffrin Succotash

For the songs in this article and more, follow The Suffrin Succotash Sasquatch 2014  Artist Spotlight Playlist here on Spotify