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Grimes’ New Track “Go”

Check out the new track “Go” by Grimes & Blood Diamond

It is definitely a “Summer Jam” and more of a dance-oriented offering than anything Grimes has produced to date. According to this story the track was originally written for Rihanna. I guess I would say it’s pretty clearly not written for Grimes and don’t expect a classic Grimes song.

Will it be fun for her as an electronic artist to have a song that people can actually dance to to play at festivals etc this summer? Having caught  few such shows in the past, I will say wholeheartedly, Yes. Given the circumstances, she kills the vocals on the track and makes a fairly vanilla song enjoyable. I just hope that her new album is more creative than this.

Echelon (It’s my way) – Angel Haze

Check out this new(ish)/new to me track Angel Haze – Echelon (It’s My Way)

22 year old Detroit native Raykeea “Angel Haze” Wilson had released this track as the first single off of her album-to-be Dirty Gold in August of 2013. Apparently this was not enough as she leaked the rest of the album not long after; forcing her label to move sales up to December 2013 from the originally planned March 2014 release.

This track echos the same youthful blatant hubris as fellow rapper Kreayshawn but with a somehow-catchier hook and aesthetic than her 2011 Bay-area bumper Gucci Gucci. Haze who was raised by what she describes as a cult is decidedly darker in many ways and is thus deliberate for all the right reasons, at least as far as her interests go.

If you haven’t checked out this track by Angel Haze or the album Dirty Gold yet, make some time for this fiery up-and-comer.